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Description Stage

This is a short report that is completed at the very beginning of the project. The report sets the scene for the project, discussing any relevant background material and identifying some of the problems and processes involved in undertaking the project. This document is brief and is used to assess whether the project is viable.

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Understanding the Advanced Encryption Standard

The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) was specified over a decade ago, yet it remains the current de facto encryption algorithm for securing sensitive information. This document explains the maths and workings behind algorithm.

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Survey and Analysis

A prelimionary report that outlines that aims and current progress on the project thus far. A large portion of the report details a literature survey that evaluates existing research in the field.

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This is the poster that I presented at the poster session, where I demonstrated my project to students, academics and members of the Industrial Liaison Board.

At this session I was awared:

  • IBM Award for Best Third Year Project 2013
  • Prize for Best Video Based on Third Year Project.

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Video Coding Fundamentals

This document discusses some of the fundamental video coding principles that are relevant to the H.264 standard.

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Final Report

The field of digital steganography centres on hiding information in digital file formats. Whilst the application of steganographic techniques in relation to image and audio files has been extensively researched, research into the use of other container files remains limited.

The aim of this project is to explore different methods for securely encoding messages in a multimedia container, utilising both the audio and video stream, and using steganalysis to determine their effectiveness.

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