First Draft of Chapter 3

I have finished a first draft of Chapter 3: Requirements and Analysis which has put me in a good position. However, my work for today hasn't finished yet.

I now intend to spend the rest of the day finishing off bringing the GUI and app up to speed. The intention is to develop them further into a software product today, thus leaving tomorrow clear to focus on the problem of embedding data.

By the end of tomorrow, I intend that I will have a working encoding system working. Either that or I will have extensively determined that the "stepping" approach will not work.

At this point, I genuinely believe if implemented properly, it can work. But unfortunately, this problem and corresponding solution mean that I will not be able to conclusively determine the steganographic capacity of a video before I start encoding. Furthermore, this also has the issue that it relies on the first sequence of frames of embed-able quality. Anyway, these are things to be mindful of and to address in further iterations with the optimistic approach that the idea of stepping bad frames will work.