Writing, writing and writing....

The last few days have been spent improving the Introduction and Literature Survey for the final report.

This has included some new additions, such as a glossary, which will help identify the terms used throughout the report. At the moment, the glossary is simplistic and does not define too many terms. This is because I am trying to balance what should and should not go in the glossary. If I were to define every term relating to video coding, etc., that I use in the glossary, it would take up a lot of room. Furthermore, I don't want to bloat it with excessive definitions.

My target for the end of today is to have Chapter 3: Requirements and Analysis written. If I can do this then I will be happy of the progress from the writing side.

As I mentioned in my previous two posts, I am looking at a skip-frame-based encoding method and using a new Java GUI. The Java GUI is proving very rapid to develop, but I have not had the time to take the skip-frame method forward any further at this point. I am hoping that by the end of the weekend, I will have determined whether or not the skip frame method will work.

As a rather irrelevant aside, I have added the Survey and Analysis report to the Resources section. When my dissertation is finished, I hope to release most, if not all, of the resources that I have put online.