Report writing and Unit Testing

Today is a day entirely dedicated to working on my dissertation, so I will blog as the day unfolds to document what I have achieved and any problem I encounter.

The first issue I needed to tackle was the page numbering in LaTeX. Unfortunately, my attempts to fix this have been in vain. For some reason, pages before the contents page are incorrectly numbered. Despite the signed declaration being page “I” and the first item on the contents page, selecting the Signed Declaration from the contents page goes to the title page. Now that I have wasted enough time on this, I will process implementing the rest of the improvements to the final report (as per my last set of feedback).

So far, the only real alterations I have made to the final report are:

  • Updated the abstract.
    This is likely to be updated again as the project progresses.
  • Changed page style from plain to headings for all pages after the contents page

I have now decided to turn away from the report and look more at the programming code. (I am waiting for a reply to an email before I continue with the report writing).

To recap, my project is formed of several key components:

  • Steganographic encoding techniques
  • AES cryptosystem
  • Steganalysis tools
  • GUI
  • Proven testing of the system.

The AES cryptosystem is complete as far as the basic concept goes. A couple of tweaks are necessary to handle any data. However, I am not too concerned about the cryptography element as this is shaping up quite nicely. This is the most complete element of my project thus far.

In terms of steganography and steganalysis, I am well underway. Although I have encountered some serious issues which have been mentioned in previous blog posts, I am sure I will get around this eventually.

I am, of course, a little concerned about the complete lack of GUI and proven testing, as these are still important parts of my project. I have attempted to include GUI and unit testing components in my project before, however, attempts to modify the FFmpeg based Makefile has been unsuccessful.

So, after not having looked at the unit testing for a while, I have attempted to integrate CUnit into my project, and truth be told, it’s only taken 10 minutes, and I have fully integrated CUnit.

I have also improved all of the header files to no longer get errors and warnings relating to redefined prototypes. I now want to look at building unit tests for all of my code. Hopefully, this will help identify any bugs causing issues with the steganography encoding.

Later today, I also hope to take a look at GUI integration.