Bug fixing and encoding issues

A large amount of today has been spent investigating the issues highlighted during yesterday's blog post.

Some progress has been made. Mike helped to identify a bug in LSB manipulation, so whilst the output is not as dirty as it once was, it is still not completely clear.

Currently, I am out of ideas for things to try that might help to address these issues. As I mentioned in my previous post, I intend to investigate the motion vectors' properties (X and Y components) that cause issues during the decoding process. This might or might not yield anything useful, but at the moment, it's better than doing nothing.

I also have amendments for the first two chapters to work on. I need to find some time to update these. Also, as a public reminder to myself, I need to ask Mike about the best place to put the AES material (leave it as an appendix or put it somewhere in the main document body).