Lit. Survey and Transcoding

I have made good progress on the literature survey over the past week, writing a total of about ~3,300 words, giving what should be a detailed explanation of steganography and its counterpart, steganalysis. I currently reference 41 different papers, books, journals etc., and there are still about ten more sources that I haven't yet included.

I have also started looking into the process of transcoding now that I have overcome my C and makefile hurdles. This has had a lesser priority, and resultantly, there is little to show for this. Whilst I have been successful in transcoding a video container to "raw video", this is not what I am looking for. I need to be able to transcode between actual container formats such as MP4 and not just transcode to H.264 raw video.

I think that this has been quite a productive week, but priorities are now swinging in favour of working on the Survey and Analysis document, which is shaping up well. I will be working on the programming aspects as and when time permits.